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Mile' Drinks Coupon

Mile' Drinks Coupon

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nominal values


Lemon Juice - Italy*

Ginger Juice - Peru*

Maple Syrup - Canada*

Agave syrup - Mexico*

Sugar - CH/DE*

Mint Flavor - DE*

*The declaration may differ depending on the batch, but we always promise high quality

nutritional table

Nutritional values ​​per 100ml:

Energy 24.6kcal/103.5kJ

fat 0g

of which saturated fatty acid 0g

Carbohydrates 5.9g

of which sugar 5.6g

protein 0g

salt 0g

Application Variations

Mile's Ginger can be used and consumed as follows:


As pure lemonade with ice and lemon

Signature cocktails created by Gray Gastro

Here are our recipes


Take the bottle, open it, put it in the pot, heat Mile's Ginger , add fresh lemon and enjoy it hot in winter as a punch with/without rum

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