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Mile is authentic, Mile is from Zurich, Mile is Mile

Mile's was developed by me, Fabio Berta, owner of Mile's Drinks and former owner of The Neighbors Food. The story began in 2020 with the conception of The Neighbors Food . Homemade street food also needs a homemade drink. At that time, it was decided to develop a lemonade from a combination of bitter, sweet and fruity. The ingredient that makes the whole drink so unique is maple syrup, also known as Canadian gold. Maple syrup helps Mile's Ginger get its unique flavor.

After great demand and a great response, it was clear: Mile's Ginger had to be on the market. With Creative Food & Beverage GmbH in Wabern, Mile's was made accessible to the market. After many prototypes and tries, the time has come.

Mile's Ginger is launched.

  • Fabio aka Mile | owner

    As the owner, my area of ​​responsibility is broad. From sales to customer relations to the overall management of our team and company.

    "Don't dream your life, but live your dream"

  • Laura | Marketing

    I am responsible for establishing the Mile's brand on the market and deal with target group analysis and marketing strategies. Especially in social media marketing.

    "be kind"

  • Julia | Fashion

    Generally responsible for merchandising and the establishment of the fashion brand "Mile's Fashion" and associated marketing tasks.

    "Heart Before Mind"


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